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Align Family Health & Fitness offers Kinesiology Services for the entire family and offers a comprehensive Initial Consultation that includes a Functional Movement Screen that highlights areas of strength and weakness in everyday movement patterns.  Moving well helps reduce pain and prevent injuries.  It helps clients living chronic health conditions to get stronger and gain more confidence when moving.

Our services help all ages and abilities.  Some examples of who we have worked with in the past include:



Kinesiology for Seniors

If you are a senior looking to move more, this Functional Movement Check-up

will assess your risk for falls and correct any dysfunction with safe corrective

mobility and stability exercises.


Kinesiology For Pre & Post Natal Women

Muscle imbalances are common in post-natal women.  This screening is

especially important for women after giving birth to assess how their body

adapted to pregnancy.  Every women has individual differences that should be

assessed and addressed to help protect them from injury when

they are ready and motivated to participate in more vigorous activity.




Kinesiology for Young Athletes

If your young athlete is beginning to specialize in one sport. The screening can assess

the athlete for strengths and weaknesses putting them at risk for a sport injury.  An injury

can set a young athlete back from achieving their goal to play their sport at the university

level or professionally.  Assessment results will allow for corrective programming that will

help protect your athlete from strains, sprains, tears and dislocations.  If your young athlete

has already suffered an injury, preventing re-injury should be a priority in a training program. 

Kinesiologist will collaborate with past and current health professionals such as physiotherapists,

chiropractors, massage therapists, osteopaths, ect. upon your request to allow for the best

possible programming for the athlete.


Kinesiology for Kids (Physical Literacy)

Parents of children 8 years and older may be interested in getting their child

screened for muscle imbalances early.  Kinesiologist can provide fun games

and activities to parents to try that are beneficial in helping improve

dysfunctional movement patterns early. 


Kinesiology for Families

Research shows that when families move and exercise together,

children are more likely to continue being active later in life.  If you

as a parent have an injury, pain or dysfunction that is preventing you

from being active with your children, a Kinesiologist can help.  We can

collaborate with current and past health professionals that you are

currently seeing or have seen in the past to provide a program that is

best suited for you and your family.  Align Family Fitness provides

parents the option to bring your child with you to your exercise sessions

to show them the work you are putting in to feel better.  Kids often

mimic the movements you are doing and enjoy learning healthy habits.


Kinesiology for Teachers

Are you aware of your body positions when teaching?  Are you standing a lot,

bending over helping students, spending a lot time at your computer during

report card writing, ect?  How you move 8 hours a day, effects your overall

well-being.  Often when repetitive movements are not balanced with the correct

stretching and strengthening exercises teachers can begin to feel tired in the

middle of a work day, are more susceptible to getting sick, get aches and pains

in the shoulder, neck and back. If you experience any of these, you can benefit

from balanced programming provided by a R.Kin.

Kinesiology for Nurses

Long shifts can play havoc on your body and your overall movement patterns.

Are you on your feet all day, are you required to lift or roll patients?  After a long

shift, the last thing your body wants is to work out!  Instead of feeling like you have

to push your body even more, Kinesiology can provide your body with the exercises

that will help it perform better at work and in your everyday life.

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